2017 the 2nd International Freight Connection Convention (IFCC)
2017 the 6th World International Freight Forwarders Alliance Convention (WIFFAC)

Cross-Border, The Belt and Road, Breakthrough
WIFFA (World International Freight Forwarders Alliance)
ShippingChina (http://www.shippingchina.com),
WIFFA Cluster International Freight Co., Ltd
November 16th 17th , 2017
Hangzhou City, China (approx 1 hour 10 minutes from Shanghai by train) Hangzhou Blossom Water Museum Hotel No.118 Shuibo Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou City,China
WIFFA Members internal and international, Executives from China and overseas in the fields of logistics, shipping, banking and insurance industries.
“Cross-border” & “One Belt and One Road” are the keywords of year 2017. By year 2020, The total trade volume of “Cross-border” and “The Belt and Road” will exceed USD 4,000 billion, which brings the historical opportunities of CNY 5,000 billion business transactions in shipping, logistics, supply-chain, etc in China and worldwide.
For freight forwarders, How to make a breakthrough? How to keep up-to-date?How to get an advantage?
Together here in Hangzhou, we connect the future!
World International Freight Forwarders Alliance (WIFFA)
Wiffa Cluster International Freight Co., Ltd.
WIFFA Dalian Port Branch
WIFFA Tianjin Port Branch
WIFFA Qingdao Port Branch
WIFFA Shanghai Port Branch
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