Krish (shanghai) International Logistics Co., Ltd. has joined WIFFA membership

 Under the recommendation of WIFFA Secretariat, Krish (shanghai) International Logistics Co., Ltd. applied for the membership of WIFFA, there was no veto among the existing members during the announcement period; Krish (shanghai) International Logistics Co., Ltd. has officially joined WIFFA family. Welcome aboard! 

SARJAK Container Lines was established in October 2003 in Mumbai as, yet another, Freight Forwarding company. But, within a very short span, SARJAK Management realized that to succeed, they needed to find themselves a niche within the shipping industry.
During the early years of its growth, India’s planners finally decided to improve its infrastructure and to bring it to Global standard. Simultaneously, the moribund Indian economy was opened up to foreign investors and Indian businesses needed to gear themselves to compete in the Global Market.
SARJAK Management quickly grasped the enormous potential of the niche market of shipping ODC/OOG cargoes on Flat Racks and Open Top Containers and offer customers an alternative solution to the commonplace breakbulk Carriers. The advantage was obvious to shippers as their cargoes could be shipped on regular container vessels with shorter transit times.
With an initial investment of a mere 5 Flat racks in 2005 to operating a robust fleet of 6600+ special equipment as on today, SARJAK has quickly established itself as a serious entity. Innovation being a key hallmark, SARJAK invested in acquiring specialized Flat racks called Super Racks and became the first NVOCC in the world to consider this acquisition.
SARJAK also saw the need to invest in Hard Top Open Top containers and decided to go one step further and acquired new High Cube Hard Top Open Top containers, once again, a first in the industry.
Since inception, SARJAK’s vision was to become a market leader with a Global Presence in the ODC/OOG segment. To fulfill that vision, since inception, SARJAK has expanded its services and presence beyond the shores of India and has firmly established its presence and service in major ports of China, Near East, Far East, South East Asia, Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, East, West and South Africa, Europe, Russia/Baltic, Mediterranean and Red Sea and further afield into North and South America In the coming years, SARJAK’s roadmap is to establish its service into many more sectors/ports not currently covered.
Today SARJAK, from a family of just 4 members, has expanded to an ever-growing family of 200+ SARJAKites, spread across the Globe, serving customers with passion and are ably supported a robust network of world-class Agents spread across 86 Countries.
Transport Mode: FCL/LCL/Break Bulk/Reefer/Dangerous Goods/Air/OOG container
Favorable line: South East Asia, Mid-East, India, Pakistan, Russia, Europe, North Americas
Special: 1. SOC container and large cargo logistics forwarding. 2. India and Pakistan transportation by land and custom clearance. 3. Abundant oversea network resources, the ultimate solution of DDU/DDP.                             
General Manager: Mr.Sujith Thempera Ravi
Tele: 021-65866911
Mobile: 13918441517 or 13917024375
Deputy General Manager: Mr. ZHAI, Bojun
Tele: 021- 65202306
Mobile: 13601945804
Assistant to WIFFA: Ms. SHEN, Xinhua
Tele: 021-65202661
Mobile: 13386050872