Qingdao Resail Global International Transportation Co., Ltd. has joined WIFFA membership

 Under the recommendation of WIFFA Secretariat, Qingdao Resail Global International Transportation Co., Ltd. applied for the membership of WIFFA, there was no veto among the existing members during the announcement period; Qingdao Resail Global International Transportation Co., Ltd. has officially joined WIFFA family. Welcome aboard! 

Qingdao resail Global International Transportation Co. Ltd. was founded in August 2008, is located in the core area of city central business district. The registered capital of the company is 5 million yuan,It is an international logistics company authorized by the Ministry of communications of the People's Republic of China without the qualification of NVOCC and international shipping agency.The existing staff of more than 40, own truck and car goods warehouse 30, more than 1000 square meters. The company set up offices in the vicinity of Huangdao and Liuting airport terminal,In Shandong Province, Linyi, Ji'nan, Yantai and other places opened branches;The close cooperation agents have spread throughout the domestic ports, and have established a perfect logistics agent network all over the world.For example: the United States and Canada, Europe, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa and other regions of more than 30 agent partners. At the same time, these routes have also become the main development routes of container shipping business.  With the professional system platform, strong operating team, perfect agent network at home and abroad, the company has developed into a set of international shipping, international air transport, multimodal transport, land transport, customs clearance, bonded warehousing, bonded logistics, bulk cargo transport agents and other integrated services as one of the international logistics company. Since its establishment, the company has maintained good cooperation with a number of well-known shipping companies,And with the Qingdao customs, the port authority and the Qingdao Commodity Inspection Bureau have established good business relations, so that the process of each link becomes more convenient and smooth. The company has always regarded the management service for life, and to the "customer first, service first, efficiency and credibility" purposes, with strong strength, excellent talents, efficient service and good reputation at domestic and abroad to obtain customer recognition and praise from all walks of life.
  The company has more than 40 engaged in shipping related quality excellent, business proficient, professional spirit of professional team, simultaneously, the company introduced talents every year, focus on cultivating vigorous, sunshine power of young employees.
  More than 40 logistics elite, the per capita experience of more than 5 years, access to industry professional certificate, staff accounted for the proportion of all, in the area of a handful of peers.70% members have national industry qualification certificate, 60% Bachelor degree.
Professional global customer service personnel will ensure that the goods you are entrusted to track the whole process.
The company is engaged in international multimodal transport of sea, land, air and rail transportation to customers both at domestic and abroad;Port to port, door to door service; The chartering, booking, delivery, port of loading, customs clearance, inspection, warehousing, trailers, and a series of integrated services,Is a comprehensive international logistics service provider of solutions, over the years has always adhered to quality and efficient services for enterprises to provide comprehensive, integrated, professional, personalized logistics, and is committed to promoting the logistics industry to a more perfect and standard direction!
Container transportation service is our main business. After a long period of development, it has established a good cooperative relationship with the world's major container ship owners, and gradually formed Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, South America, the Red Sea and the United States and Canada and other top quality routes. In the main routes can import and export customers to achieve better service; at the same time, can provide customers with DDP, DDU and other extended services. According to the customer's needs, we can design a competitive transportation plan from packing, lashing to the port of destination, delivery, etc., to design a reasonable route for the customers, and to assist the optimization of the transportation process according to the needs of the customers. The special container service: open top container, skeletal container, 45 feet, 53 feet, dre hanger container and other services. At present, the company's container scale has steadily increased year by year, and the annual service volume has reached more than 15 thousand TUE. With strong competitive advantage and efficient service, the company has won extensive praise and market share.
The bulk of RO charter business
The company deals with bulk cargo transportation from major ports in North China to Southeast Asia, India, Persian Gulf, red sea and africa. Bulk cargo, RO ro transport is one of our core business, for a variety of special vehicles, engineering equipment vehicles, auto shipping to provide professional logistics transportation and logistics consulting services. Large items of goods and medium-sized passenger cars, light trucks, pickup trucks, heavy trucks and large construction vehicles and refit all kinds of engineering machinery and accessories and other vehicle transportation. he types of goods transported by ships are as follows: large vehicles, machinery, large oil platforms, yachts, oil and gas pipelines, large power generation equipment, large wind power equipment, large lifting equipment, relocation of international factories and other super large cargo transportation.
The truck trailer service
The truck road transportation is one of the most important link in the logistics chain as an integrated company in the service sector, the company team has the following advantages: 
●More than 30 container trailers and closed freight cars.
●Customs supervision qualification, carrier supervision goods. 
Transport Mode: FCL/LCL/BBK
Favorable line: South East Asia, Mid-East, India, Pakistan, Europe, Mediterranean, South Korea, Japan, Break Bulk and Ro Ro, OOG.
Special: general cargo and FCL, OOG container shipping, BBK and RoRo, DDU, DDP
General Manager: Mr. ZHOU, Quanzhong
Assistant to WIFFA: Mr. LI, Xueyuan