Jiangsu Haihang Supply Chain Management Service Co., Ltd. has joined WIFFA membership

 Under the recommendation of WIFFA Secretariat, Jiangsu Haihang Supply Chain Management Service Co., Ltd. applied for the membership of WIFFA, there was no veto among the existing members during the announcement period; Jiangsu Haihang Supply Chain Management Service Co., Ltd. has officially joined WIFFA family. Welcome aboard! 

Jiangsu Haihang International Logistics Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as "HIH Logistics" ) was founded in 1995. The management and operating center of  HIH Logisctics cover both Shanghai Port and Changzhou Port. The branch offices also find themselves in major cities and ports of Europe, USA, Australia and Southeast Asia. Via Changzhou to Shanghai, and via Shanghai to the world, HIH becomes a global integrated logistics service provider.
HIH Logistics has invested to build Shanghai HaiTianLong bonded warehouse in Shanghai Yangshan Port Free Trade Zone, which has sixty thousand sqm warehouse space. It takes the advantage of boned area, export processing zone and bonded logistics park, which can provide comprehensive modern logistics value-added services to meet the new and special requirments of modern logistics for the enterprise.
HIH Logistics has set up branch offices in main ports of America, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia. Our warehousing distribution centers are set up in America, Europe, Australia, Japan and Thailand.
HIH Logistics has joined WCA Family of Logistic Networks in 2012, established a partnership with 4062 members in 186 countries and received regular strict audit in terms of  experience, professional degree and financial condition. HIH Logistics takes advantages of global agency network to provide customers top level logistics service, and work closely with the global main shipping company and airlines in realization of efficient global cooperation to provide real door to door service.
We provide customers with bonded warehouse, global sourcing and value-added service, such as international distribution, delivery, simple circulative processing and etc. We fit the enterprise to implement JIT delivery service, VMI vendor managed inventory and supply chain management.
HIH logistics is constantly committed to developing modern logistics business, aims to become a professional third party logistics provider, for the overwhelming majority of customers with more efficient, safety and economical logistics solutions.
Transport Mode: FCL/LCL/BBK/Air
Favorable Line: Mediterranean sea, North Americas, Mid-East, India, Pakistan, Red sea, Africa, Mid-South Americas, ANZ
Special: Company has branches in USA, Nether Lands, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Australia, The company has delivery centers in USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, Thailand; the company can provide the bonded warehouse services, global sourcing and allocation, delivery, transportation and processing, etc value added services to achieve JIT delivery service, VMI supply chain inventory management. 
General Manager: Mr.ZHANG, Xiao Lin
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Assistant to WIFFA: Mr. JIANG, Liang 
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