AIF Global Logistics Co., Ltd. – Myanmar Branch has joined WIFFA membership

Under the recommendation of WIFFA Secretariat, AIF Global Logistics Co., Ltd. – Myanmar Branch applied for the membership of WIFFA, there was no veto among the existing members during the announcement period; AIF Global Logistics Co., Ltd. – Myanmar Branch has officially joined WIFFA family. Welcome aboard! 

The home office and airport office were established in October 1983 in Taipei.
 Air Cargo: the company is contacted with CV EK CX AF BA QR, etc. The company has been maintaining a good connection with the internally renowned companies and working closely, such as, BSA(Block Space Agent), Rank top 3 air cargo in Taiwan, annual turnover is USD 134million; employed 539, of which 175 are located in Taiwan, 15 branches in P.R China employed 330, employed 29 in Hong Kong, employed 5 in Myanmar
Ocean Shipping Cargo: South east Aisa, Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, Mid-East, Pakistan, India, South America, will work closely with WIFFA members. Juming Museum Exhibition Transportation. 
Taiwan Project: 60 piece of Cathlic relic from Vatican to Taiwan for exhibition. Anthone design Show Transportation; Louvre Museum Exhibition Transportation. UK heavy metal band concern transportation. Pagani Super car by air (DCL/SHA/LAX); Lamborghini Super Car Transportation;  Living Transport (horses); Buses Transport to Myanmar, etc.
Liquid Container: AIF brand container liquid bag packing, steam heating Pad etc, full range solution.
Transport Model:Air/FCL/LCL/DG /Reefer
Favorable Lines: Import cargo from China to Myanmar by Sea or Air.
Special: Air/Ocean/warehousing/insurance
Branch Manager: Mr. Tc Jan            
Tele: 959-794458021