Guangzhou Chosen International Logistics Co., Ltd. has joined WIFFA membership

   Under the recommendation of WIFFA Secretariat, Guangzhou Chosen International Logistics Co., Ltd. applied for the membership of WIFFA, there was no veto among the existing members during the announcement period; Guangzhou Chosen International Logistics Co., Ltd. has officially joined WIFFA family. Welcome aboard! 

  Guangzhou Chosen International Logistics Co., Ltd. is international freight forwarder agency specializing in import cargo transportation, who has been granted NOVCC. Main business is South East Asia, Italy line. The contacted liner includes MSK, MCC, MOL, SM-LINE, etc, who has a large clients, who are shipper/consigner and trading entities, among many of the cities among China. The company has managed to satisfy the clients with babysitting-style, consultancy-style services.

  The company has abundant resources & successful experience in FCL, BBK, OOG exporting from Dafeng Terminal, Jiangsu. 

  The company also can work on the term of DDU/DDP to South East Asia, and import cargo from HK.
Guangzhou Chosen International Logistics Co., Ltd., is willing to work with counterparties, to create the miracle of forwarding industry and better future.

  The company founder is the cofounder of another renowned international freight forwarder company, as a predecessor, the founder has chosen to smriti management position to other stakeholder. The company was established in 2017. The company is concentrating import cargo from South East Asia, Africa, Europe to each China ports, in a special & unique angel.


Transport Mode: FCL LCL and Air                      
Favorable: South East Asia, Apennine Peninsula                       
Special: Import, South East Asia DDU/DDP.

General Manager: Ms. LV, Haiyan
WeChat: Ellen18922488885        
Tele: 020-84159537
QQ: 1092067372
Assistant to WIFFA: Ms. ZHAO,Ying
Mobile: 18928856185        
Tele: 020-84159536