Fujian Ling Hang International Logistics Co.,Ltd has joined WIFFA Membership

  Under the recommendation of WIFFA Secretariat, Fujian Ling Hang International Logistics Co., Ltd. applied for the membership of WIFFA, there was no veto among the existing members during the announcement period; Fujian Ling Hang International Logistics Co.,Ltd. has officially joined WIFFA family. Welcome aboard! 

  Fujian Ling Hang International Logistics Co., Ltd. formally approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the State Council, specializing in domestic container door to door transport, international shipping, air transport, third-party logistics and supply chain management solutions for an integrated international logistics enterprises. The company has a multi-year experience in the professional team. Companies use the system, strict management mechanism, and a wealth of international transport experience and professional service concept for the goods to provide a reliable transport protection.

    The company has won the leading position in the fields of traditional shipping, air transportation, warehousing, customs clearance and inland transportation. At the same time, in the network distribution, storage value, large transport, exhibition transportation, Foreign projects and other new business areas of the sudden emergence. In order to better and better with the international standards, the company established a modern logistics business collaboration platform to achieve the logistics and supply chain information on all aspects of zero distance communication. Pilot logistics in the market in the accurate positioning of the waves, advancing with the times, the establishment of a reputation of the logistics service brand.

  In the service to achieve our customers and the ideal, bit by bit, perseverance, to achieve technological innovation, institutional innovation and service innovation to ensure that the scientific methods of work, the accuracy of operational behavior, as customers most trusted, most satisfied with the first choice Of the first-class logistics enterprises. To provide customers with high quality, all-round transportation and supply chain logistics solutions; our service network around the world more than 180 countries and regions in China, nearly 330 cities; through a strong international transport network and improve the domestic logistics system , As many international buyers and manufacturers of international transport partners, and we also for many domestic and foreign counterparts to provide tariffs, packaging and warehousing and customs clearance delivery services.
The freight market is changing rapidly, and the weak and weak is the law of constant change. Pilot logistics with excellent vision and keen sense of touch, insight into the market opportunities, innovation, can stand out. In the future, we will continue to invest in the logistics industry, committed to the establishment of a global coverage of the logistics service network, and continue to enhance our professional standards and logistics services. We are confident in the future and are convinced that the mutually beneficial relationship with our customers can help us face new challenges and ride the waves in the industry tide.

Transport Model: Sea, Land , Air

Favorable Route:  Japan, South Korea, South East Asia, India Pakistan, Africa, United States of America.

Special: DDU, DDP, Plant Moving, Project Moving, Home Moving, Large Item Forwarding,  International Project Forwarding.

General Manager: Mr. LI, Jiayu

Mobile: 18905002859   

WeChat: anl568  

Tele: 0591-885200

QQ: 2853285500



Assistant to WIFFA: Ms. LIN, Wanxin (Tina)
Mobile: 13328677702