Maxtop Worldwide Logistics(GZ)Ltd Officially Become WIFFA Member

WIFFA secretariat recommended Maxtop Worldwide Logistics (GZ)Ltd to become WIFFA Guangzhou Port member,announced to all WIFFA members,no companies has raised any objections, now Maxtop Worldwide Logistics (GZ)Ltd Officially Became WIFFA Guangzhou Port Member.

Maxtop Worldwide Logistics (GZ)Ltd is an approved first class freight forwarding agent by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of China,approved NVOCC company (NVOCC Certificate MOC - NVO02655, MOC - NV02581)。Respectively branch offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Wuzhou.

Company business scope: contractors shipping FCL、bulk cargo, port pins, domestic trade, air freight import and export,international transport agency business. Include: booking, warehouse, storage, transit, packing, assembly and dismantling, charging, customs declaration, insurance agents,transportation and consulting service。

Company has signed contract with many shipping and airlines companies that cover five continents,including the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea), Europe, America, Australia。Our agent directly with EMC, YML, OOCL, TSL, WHL, CMA, MOL, SITC, KMTC, NAMSUNG, HANJIN 33 shipping companies, etc.

Main Business:FCL/BULK/Air Freight
Support Business:Barges/Trailer/Customs service
Core Shipping Routes: Foshan/huangpu/zhaoqing/guangxi/dongguan - southeast Asia, the Middle East, red sea, India and Pakistan, the americas, Europe, Africa and other routes
Features:Sanshan/huangpu/zhaoqing/wuzhou has own barge service, with 33 carrier owner has already been signed CCA, have their own motorcade team

Contact Info:
General Manager: Lin zheng de
Cell Phone:13922295130

WIFFA Assistant: Huang yang
Cell Phone:18962210206