WIFFA Articles

World International Freight Forwarder Alliance(WIFFA)Articles

Chapter I General Provisions

  • 1.World International Freight Forwarder Alliance (WIFFA) is an organization for business cooperation among freight forwarder members internally. It was initiated by ShippingChina (www.shippingchina.com) and co-sponsored by shipping industry organizations and associates in China and overseas. It was registered in Hong Kong.
  • 2.WIFFA aims at setting up industrial rules and regulations, completing business patterns and increasing business opportunities by interactions between members.
  • 3.WIFFA's core collaborative contents are MUTUAL AGENCY, FREIGHT DEALING & PAYMENT CREDITING.
  • 4.WIFFA's philosophy is to call on all freight forwarding companies who have high reputation, good business performance and thoughtful mind to strive for common interests' increase.

Chapter II Core Benefits

  • 1.Your Warm & Safe Family
    • WIFFA family is filled with communication and interaction with reputation, in which you can find a reliable and safe business environment. Strict standard and procedure for membership application ensure WIFFA family's safety and reliability for all members. Candidates have to be approved by WIFFA Secretariat according to their traffic volume, reputation, business scope, qualifications like NVOCC, member of other international organizations etc.
  • 2.Express Gateway to China
    • To establish business cooperation with all Chief Members in China, who have the best performance and reputation, covering all kinds of services.
  • 3.Minimize Your Business Risk – Freight Credit Union
    • It is a collective security model among members to prevent risks of freight payment. Each FCU member deposit USD5,000 to WIFFA Service Center as Union Protection Fund (UPF). Through cooperation among FCU members to minimize business risk. If there is any bad debt, all FCU members will share equally in the loss claimed and deducted from each account.
  • 4.Your Safe Payment Method – Freight Pay
    • It is a safe freight payment product for business between members. A bank designated by ShippingChina is responsible for all freight payment's supervision and management. It will ensure the safety and protect business between members.
  • 5.Unlimited Database Access
    • You can find your preferred Sino Chief Members, Reputation Members or Overseas Members, who have different business advantages to meet your demand at any time.
  • 6.Professional Consulting Service
    • WIFFA Service Center staff will provide you comprehensive consulting service, such as sales leads recommendation, business partnership establishment with other members according to your specific business demand etc. You will have your exclusive personal WIFFA assistant to solve any question or problem for you.
  • 7.Face to Face Business Interaction
    • To attend WIFFA's Annual Convention with other members from all over the world and regional business cooperation organized by WIFFA Secretariat with international associations, organizations or companies face to face, which will bring you high value-added profit.

Chapter III WIFFA Organization Structure

  • WIFFA is composed by the Council, the Presidium, the Committee, Chief Members, Reputation Members (both wholesaler members and booking members) and Overseas Members. Organization chart as listed below.
  • 1.The Council
    • It is a mentoring organization composed by individuals who are influential to shipping industry as its Honorary Chairman, President, Vice President and Chief Senior Advisor.
  • 2.The Secretariat
    • It is composed by Secretary General and Vice Secretary General which is responsible for managing all daily routine work and organizing important activities.
  • 3.The Presidium
    • It is composed by Port Chairmen from different areas or countries, including Chief Members, Reputation Members (both wholesaler members and booking members) and Overseas Members. It is responsible for the commitment to coordinate business, organize activities and absorb new members.
  • 4.The Committee
    • It is composed by all Secretariat and Presidium company members. It is the highest decision-making department for all major issue.
  • 5.Chief Member (China Only)
    • The highest level members covering all major ports in China, who are trustworthy companies with the best business performance and service at FCL, LCL, dangerous product, cold storage, multimodal transport and air freight etc.
  • 6.Reputation Member (China Only)
    • There are two kinds of Reputation Members, they are Wholesaler Members and Booking Members. Reputation Members are qualified for online booking directly with Chief Members.
  • 7.Overseas Member
    • All Members in China can sign agency agreement via WIFFA Secretariat. WIFFA will cooperate with international associations and organizations to develop overseas members.

Chapter IV Membership Enrollment & Termination

  • 1.Enrollment Conditions
    • A) Freight forwarding companies with official business license
    • B) Two years or above international freight forwarding business running experience
    • C) Recommended by Port Chairman or other members
    • D) No negative reputation reports from other members within 5 days after being public notified online.
  • 2.Enrollment Procedure
    • A) Submit the complete filled-out Membership Application Form together with official business license and recommendation letters from Port Chairman or other members.
    • B) Confirm the WIFFA Membership Agreement with authorized signature with company chop.
    • C) Annual membership fee is USD1000. It is non-refundable.
    • D) Membership validity will be effective from the date WIFFA received the total amount of the membership fee and valid for 12 months.
    • E) A WIFFA Membership Certificate will be forwarded to member.
    • F) Free access to WIFFA Online Operation Office to interact with all other members.
  • 3.Membership Termination
    • A) Member should submit the termination application to WIFFA Secretariat. The membership will be suspended within 5 days after being public noticed online.
    • B) If member breached WIFFA rules, or brought losses to other members, it will be expelled and its membership will be terminated.

Chapter V Supplementary Article

  • 1.Unified usage of WIFFA logo is requested on member company's samples, business cards, offices, letterhead papers, conference rooms and etc.
  • 2.During the process of implementation of all the above mentioned rules and regulations, if there are any outstanding issues, WIFFA Committee is responsible for further discussing and final decision. If necessary, supplementary terms and conditions will be made accordingly. The supplementary terms and conditions have the same legal effect.
  • 3.The ultimate interpretation of this Article belongs to WIFFA Council.