Freight Credit Union (FCU)

What is Freight Credit Union (FCU)?

  •     WIFFA has been engaged in risk management program to safeguard members' businesses. FCU is a new designed product to effectively protect the freight payment involved in business cooperation between overseas and chief members in China. FCU member can voluntarily purchase insurance valued USD2, 000 from WIFFA Secretariat annually. If there is any bad debt, the member of FCU enjoys the highest guaranteed amount at USD50, 000 each year accumulatively. It is much cheaper than any other corresponding insurance policy, typically offering twenty-five times as much as the premium cost.

  •     WIFFA is firmly convinced that it makes no sense to operate business without insurance against unexpected situations that can occur out of control. WIFFA sincerely recommends to every member to make sure that they are effectively protected.

1.Benefits of Freight Credit Union (FCU)

2.FCU Process Procedure

3.FCU Application

  •     To be a Member of WIFFA first, and then deposit specified amount into FCU. A receipt will be offered by WIFFA Service Center, the Freight Wholesalers System will be upgraded, and the FCU Member service will be opened formally.
  • * If you are not a WIFFA Member yet, please apply to be a Member first.

4.FCU Information Download